PHP Developer

About me

Hi, I'm Marcelo Origoni, 39 years old, born, raised and living in Olivos, Argentina

I've been coding, since I was like 8 years old, I started with a Commodore 64 book, typing code in my QBASIC. I passed throught a lot of languages, including c++, visual basic, pascal.
Finally I landed in web development, first with PHP, and then learning ASP, Java and Python. I'm also into the frot-end/client side coding, with javascript (I don't consider XHTML/HTML nor CSS programming languages, those are jsut mark-up languages.

I'm the Lead Developer of Belsoft, a Time and Attendance/HRM Solution, developed for Belgaum S.A.
In my spare time, after giving attention my kids ans wife, I develop the online game Acemasters
And if there is anymore spare time, I develop some mootools plug-ins, like mooltiSelect, mooCaption or mooTimePicker.

I also love to play sports, almost anyone, Soccer on top, I play Lacrosse and (American) Football, anytime I can.

Awards and Recognitions

Both mooCaption and mooTimePicker have been granted the FamousWhy Editor's Pick Award
I was also interviewed by the Famous Why Editors

mootimepicker Download moocaption Download Famous Interview