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What's mooCaption?

mooCaption is a library that will allow you to a caption to images in your website.

How to use it?

You'll need a few thing to use it. First of all the mootools Core library
the file is included in the download, along with the mooCaption file.
You need to include the 2 files in betweend the <head> and </head> of your html code. and don't forget the style sheet.
then just add to your domready event, the call to mooltiSelect, something like:

	window.addEvent('domready', function(){
		var captions = new mooCaption({});

Which Properties you can pass to mooltiSelect, and which are the default values?

This are the available options:
	speedOver: 'short',
	speedOut: 'normal',
	mode: 'slide',			
	classposition: 'caption',
	position: 'bottom',
	slideFrom: 'normal',
	images: 'capt',
	opacity: '0.7',
	transition: 'Quart.easeIn'

speedOver speed of the mouseover effect # short' - 250ms # 'normal' - 500ms # 'long' - 1000ms, or any number od ms.
speedOut speed of the mouseout effect # short' - 250ms # 'normal' - 500ms # 'long' - 1000ms, or any number od ms.
mode 'fade', 'slide', 'on', 'random', if random selected, any of the other 3 effects will be applied..
classposition the name of the CSS class to apply to the caption box .
position position of the caption (top or bottom).
slideFrom 'left', 'right' or 'normal'. Defines the side from where the caption slides in, defaults to 'normal'.
images class of the images, if blank, all images in the page.
opacity set the final opacity of the caption. transition set the transition used by slide or fade modes, for more info about this, plese check Fx.Transitions.

is there any special markup I need to know?

Yes there is a requirement in the CSS, the caption must have position: relative and float: left, otherwise, won't work on Firefox AND Internet Explorer.

is it compatible with every browser?

I only tested it on firefox 3.6, and Internet explorer 8, it should work fine with Opera, and Safari (and any other Webkit browser), but I can't assure that.

I recommened to check the demo, since I'm not the best of the writers, when comes to write documentation, though, I think I made a descent job here.